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My Philosophy and Approach  

In recognizing that each person is unique in terms of what they need and respond best to, I utilize a variety of treatment methods to help my clients, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which is considered the gold standard of treatment for many psychological issues such as anxiety and depression. I also tend to incorporate elements of mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and solution-focused techniques to assist my clients in working toward their desired goals.

At the beginning of treatment, we will work together to evaluate your problem areas and determine what changes you hope to achieve. Over the course of therapy, I will offer feedback, practical suggestions and solutions to help you meet your personal goals.  This takes place in a supportive environment where you can feel listened to, safe and comfortable. Therapy is a process in which we both play an active role to help you feel better. In short, we work together as a team!    

Sessions are conducted online (using a secure website) and are typically scheduled weekly, especially during the early phases of treatment.  Depending on the reasons you are coming in, I might encourage you to complete “homework” between our sessions. This can involve various exercises such as practicing a new skill, making a list of your negative thoughts, or confronting a feared situation.